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Excellence in Design Branding and Style

Welcome to the world of D-Major

Looking for a superior partner to assist you with the vital design, branding and styling of your new restaurant?

Look no further, in their own words,

Why D Major Design?

“We’re able to combine creativity in different forms whether visual, written, motion media or a fusion of those in crafting effective branding and communication.

The digital realm requires a new approach to the old way of doing things.

But a careful mix of the old and the new often leads to the most original solution.

And that solution is the one we’re most after.

When it comes to economical design, digital innovation and brand DNA, we’re more than up to the task”.

An eloquent description of why you should engage D Majors services for your new restaurant project.

We dived deeper into the firm and discussed our take on D Major.




A first class experience from beginning to end.

From first contact with their representative we were taken aback with their professionalism and the depth of the questions they put forward along with the ability to listen and take on board our ideas for what it is we wanted.

We shortlisted the firm for our upcoming project and over the next few weeks received pleasant general messages as to the status of our project, never pushy sales type type messages but real inquiries backed with pertinent questions as to our project.

During this stage we researched the firm and took a hard look at the projects they had completed and were in varying stages of completion.

From our research the one outstanding factor that came forward was that this firm produce excellent results, provide real original solutions for your needs, all in a timely and cost effective manner.

We then searched for more projects which we quickly were able to access from their website.

After this became clear we moved to engage D Majors services for the design branding and style of our new project.

From the outset D Major continued to delight and the project was completed successfully and was all that we desired from the beginning.

For further information on D Major please contact us here and we will be more than happy to discuss your plans with you.

Yours in food,

thefoodshub team.


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