Restaurant Concept Meeting

Restaurant Concept Meeting

Deciding Different Types of Restaurant Concepts

An integral step in the opening of a new restaurant is the definition of its concept. 

You want to offer customers a great dining experience that will attract new customers as well as encourage return visits. 

Below are some concepts and reasoning behind the concept that you should consider before opening a new restaurant.

Concept styles

I am not going to go through here an explanation of all the different concepts, rather explain the thought process and planning that should go along with your choice of concept for your new restaurant.

Originality is great and it is tempting to incorporate your own brand new ideas of a restaurant concept. 

While originality is important when opening a new restaurant, you must ensure that your restaurant concept is clear to the customer and all stakeholders are 100% behind it..

Remember this decision has a massive impact on the ultimate success or failure of your new restaurant.

The Concept Plan

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of all stakeholders when formulating your plan. 

A finely tuned and developed restaurant concept plan is a must for any restaurant. 

Guests are not only interested in the food they eat but also their surroundings. 

Restaurants live and die by the concepts they establish, give yourself the best possible start by thoroughly researching and planning you concept. 

Restaurants must develop suitable concept plans to satisfy potential guests.

Prepare a concept checklist along with an action plan listing . responsibilities, who is responsible for completing the actions and milestones for the completion of the actions. 

The checklist must contain all important elements of the restaurant concept that is to be developed. 

Whichever concept you choose, don’t fall into the trap of defining menu, decor ,price, location etc until you have a rock solid concept in place.

This definition is vitally important.  


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